Artist's Statement
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"Limitations / Creativity"

Disability is usually seen as a negative.  I choose to make it a positive.  With the aid of the local library, and encouragement from my husband plus an easel, I was "on the road to adventure in a world filled with joy, serenity, and fulfillment.  The more I read and painted, the better I felt.  It is my wish that, through my art, the viewer experience my sense of wonderment.  Indeed, as one door closed, a new one opened and led me into a place full of creativity and color.  This inspiring new world is best conveyed to my audience through my bright and cheerful pallet.  In addition to my paintings' vivid colors, the subject matter evokes an emotion deep within me ... a reminiscence of a pleasant experience from my past.  Through my disability, I am empowered to look at life with a renewed spirit.

                                                                                                                                    Pauline Collings