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Malocchio and Eye Heart Connection painting by Caterina LiontiMalocchio an Eye / Heart Connection
24" X 33" Original Mixed Media

Jettatura, malocchio, or the evil eye is a belief that runs through many cultures. It is a serious thing in Sicilian culture as can be seen by the Italian charms marketed throughout the world to ward off the Jettatura. The most common form of belief in malocchio attributes the cause to envy, with the envious person casting the evil eye, doing so unintentionally. A better understanding of the term "evil eye" can be gained from the old English word for casting the evil eye, namely "overlooking," implying that the gaze has remained focused on the coveted object, person, or animal for too long.  In Sicily, people with blue eyes are much more suspect. Since Sicily is such a mixture of cultures from all the conquerors of this small island, some Sicilian people have the misfortune of having dark hair, dark skin, and blue eyes. When I lived in Italy, my eyes were the focus of many of my neighbors “over-the-fence” conversations.

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