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What is an art car?  

An art car is a vehicle that has its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression. Art car artists usually drive and own their own work. They are sometimes referred to as "Cartists". Art car artists or owners often dress in a matching motif when displaying their cars. Art cars and car artists come from all walks of life, uphold a wide range of personal philosophies and beliefs and come from all political groups.

An important aspect of art cars and car artists is the general belief that there are no standards. Ideally, there are no super stars nor is any car better than any other. Art cars are unique in that no art car is a "bad" or "wrong" art car. There is more of a sense of inclusion than in other car groups which focus on standards, specific historic periods or makes and models of car. (Wikipedia)

Some of my best friends are art car artists.  Unfortunately, my art car died during Tropical Storm Fay when a tree fell on it. However, I am designing a new art car that will be my daily driver. It should be ready for the art car circuit by Spring 2010.

Wheels of Imagination
by Becky Morris
Houston, Texas  

Wheels of Imagination is Becky's second art car.  Her first creation was called My Life a wild-colored patchwork quilt Mustang.  Becky's artistic talents range from beautifully crafted fabric creations, wild art cars, and things like hand-painted artcar license plates and beaded jewelry.  If you would like one of Becky's hand-painted artcar license plates, you can contact Fay Lionti through the gallery.  Fay will also help you to get in contact with any of the art car artists if you would like to invite them to your next event.


The Stink Bug
Carolyn Stapleton
Orlando, Florida  

What do you get when you mix; a classic VW Beetle, thousands of used cigarette butts, dozens of tubes of silicon caulk, gallons of clear sealant with a desire to "make a difference"?  The "Stink-Bug" that's what!  This funky 2000 lb. Mosaic of art, aversion therapy and tribute employs the most insidious form of "litter" around-- cigarette butts. Stretching the definitions of "Art" and "Artist Materials" Carolyn Stapleton has resurrected her previous artcar "Litter Bug" into a rolling, stinking, coughing memoriam to Smokers and non-Smokers alike.  Yes, it really coughs!  You can read the Stinkbug's whole story at


The Holey Mercatoy'd
by Tom Stuto
Palatka, Florida 

My Brother, The Purple Derf, owned Mercatoy'd for many years before it became an ArtCar.  Merc was his daily driver.  I was looking for a project car around this same time.  My brother said.." If you want this car, come up and get it..while you're here we'll play some golf."  Well enough said...I got a plane ticket, and I left Florida and headed north.  Once I got Merc home I started looking it over trying to decide what I would do to make it into an ArtCar.  The lower part of the body was gone.  Large gapping holes were right through the lower part of the fenders.  Inside, the door sills were gone also.  Rather than try to fix all the damage, I decided to encorporate it into the scheme.  It would have to be "holey" something.  Then one day out of the blue it hit me... Holey Mercatoy'd.  It was full of was a Merc.. and I liked the idea of lots of toys.  Then the real brain storm came.. rather than fix the holes..why not make MORE.  So, I took a stabilo pencil, and started to draw designs on the side.   I figured, I would fill these holes with toys, and have a very unique ArtCar.  The Holey Mercatoy'd site


Hamburger Harley
by Harry Sperl
Daytona Beach, Florida

This is Harry's hamburger motorcycle.  It is complete with mustard and ketchup bottle shock covers, fries, shake, and steam coming off the stack of meat and cheese.   Originally from Germany, Harry feels the hamburger is Americana and an icon of the United States.  He also loves to eat hamburgers one of his favorite meals.  You can get better acquainted with Harry at his website at



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