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My Health Care Story:

I have diabetes and my husband is a cancer survivor. I cannot get insurance because diabetes is an automatic refusal. Cancer is also an automatic refusal as is obesity and a myriad of other ailments. Any healthcare insurance that would cover existing problems like diabetes and cancer because no physical or questions are asked of the applicant is far out of my reach financially. There are 23.6 million diabetics who have been diagnosed. There are over 10 million people with cancer. We need healthcare that is reasonably priced, medicines and equipment that are reasonably priced, and acceptance by all hospitals and doctors.

Don't try to snow me by telling me that the outrageous cost of medicines is because of all the cost of research the pharmaceutical companies are doing. Most of the research happens in America's colleges. I am a Republican (an angry Republican), and I will continue to wholly support President Obama and his policies. It's time for the Democrats and Republicans to come together, get off their rich, fat butts, and do something for the average American instead of lining the pockets of big business and rich people. We do the voting, and there are way over 46 million Americans like me without the ability to buy health insurance that's worth more than the cheap paper it is written on. I will continue to voice my opinion through my vote.

Medicare and Medicaid are both government run health care systems.  All the people I know on Medicare have it pretty good.  My 90-year-old mother-in-law has both Medicare and Medicaid, and she gets excellent care, and her medications cost only a few dollars each.
  Let's be intelligent voters, and stop listening to all the insurance and pharmaceutical companies' sponsored scare tactics!



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