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Recorded sessions for Analysis

If you have a default viewer for flv files, you can download the files by right clicking and selecting "Save link as"
orbs flying around the front porch 1/26/2013 Floating entity in main room
circling orb in main room 2/8/2013 Orb through front door 12/24/2012
5 quick knocks 9-7-13apparition 12-16-13
argument 1-10-14bang and call to Caterina 9-4-13
flash by sliding doors 9-7-13orbs on front porch
giggle 9-8-13haze and orbs 11-28-13
little girl behind chaire 1-18-14living room mist&moving entity
orbs in living roomliving room orbs and crazy lucy
main room floating thingymain room circling orb
moving shadow 11-15-13shadow and rapping 11-28-13
shadow and sounds 11-15-13shouting 1-16-14
talking 9-12-13
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