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Catch Any Paranormal Event
February 14th, 2010
Caterina Lionti
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Investigators Report
This private residence was investigated on January 16, 2010. The home is a single story brick rancher located at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The home has three bedrooms and two full baths. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, Florida room, one bedroom converted into an art studio, and a screened in back porch.  The investigators were Al and Wanda Thackrah, Vishi Garig, Christy Ramsey and Karolene Cigaineros. The first team in was at 22:16 (10:16 pm) and the investigation ended at 1:55 am. The humidity was 100%. A strong storm was underway. The temperature was 67 degrees. Barometric pressure was 29.9 Hg and falling. Winds were from the south to south east gusting to 29 mph. basically: it was a dark and stormy night.

Property History Research: See extensive title search previously forwarded to the client.  

Client History Summarized:
The Client is afraid of the activity in her home. She would rather it not be there. Caterina is a professional artist. Her husband Roger is retired. He is also a musician. He is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Their roommate is Mark. Mark is a software engineer. All parties concerned seem to get along well in the home. Caterina relates that as a child she lived in a 200 year old house with paranormal activity.  

History of Questioned Activity in the Home:
Caterina and her family moved into this home in 1996. The clients’ daughter almost immediately experienced paranormal phenomena upon moving in. The daughter’s room is now the art room. The daughter reported seeing a shadow- man go though her wall and has seen glowing balls of light flit about her room. She has reported phenomena on more than one occasion. Guests s who have been visiting the home have experienced paranormal phenomenon. Most importantly three eyewitnesses have seen a full bodied apparition of a man. Each witness sees a similarly described individual. According to what was reported the apparition is that of a modern era man wearing a white short sleeved shirt, slacks or pants and maybe boots. According to one witness the apparition looks like he is from the 195O’s and wears a short-sleeved, white shirt and neat slacks. The witnesses were a medical doctor, an art museum curator and a family friend. The apparition is so real that at least two of the witness tried speaking to the apparition, thinking it was the roommate Mark. When it did not answer and disappeared into the back of the house, the witness was very startled to realize it was an apparition, not a real person.
The client herself has seen a partial apparition, arm attached to a shoulder shape dart into the master bathroom.  The client has experienced numerous paranormal phenomena. Not until recently has Roger or Mark experienced anything unusual. Some of the experiences, which occur weekly, if not almost every few days, are:  

  • Lights turning off and on.

  • Light stands with manual switches turned off turn on again.

  • The TV turns on to a “twilight state.”

  • Ceiling fans turning off and on.

  • Loud pounding on her bedroom door.

  • Intense feelings of being watched or not being alone.

  • Object manipulation (paint brushes flying out the art studio door, doors opening and closing).

  • Sounds of objects moving.

  • A repetitive afternoon phenomenon of the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut and an individual     walking in and going into the Florida room. These particular phenomena result in the homeowner thinking that Mark has come home early, but upon investigation no one has come in the home. The footsteps sound like walking on wood. The floor is now carpet and tile but used to be wood.

  • Client has gathered electronic voice phenomena from the art studio.

Client notes that the activity picked up in intensity after some remodeling was done.  Two houses across the street also experience paranormal activity. In those homes furniture is moved, and people have been touched. A child/teenager who is autistic was repeatedly scratched and the mother of the child says she saw a purple mist in the home.  

The Evidence in this Case
Electronic Voice Phenomena
An electronic voice phenomenon occurs on recording media like digital recorders. They are recorded during a recording session but the person making the recording sometimes hears no sounds at the time of the recording. The EVP are beyond the range of human hearing. Later, upon review of the audio, sounds or voices are revealed. EVP evidence alone does not prove a haunting. There has to be more correlating evidence.

Seven Digital audio recorders were used to attempt to capture electronic voice phenomena. They were placed in the art studio, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the computer room, the master bedroom, and Mark’s room. Adobe Sound Booth was used to analyze the recordings. Enhancements were made in volume to make EVP louder. We used sound reduction tools to enhance voices.  No other alterations were made. The time is in hours, minutes and seconds into the recording. Analysis of the recorders found electronic voice phenomena as follows:

The Art Studio Recordings

1.   At about 17:17, while investigators were getting ice in the kitchen, and no one else was in the home, an EVP is recorded “Who the heck?”
      At or near that same time a male voice is recorded saying, “Inside.”
2.   At 39: 17 into recording an EVP says “hello.., hey.”
3.   At 1:37:00 an investigator asks “does she (Caterina) have a reason to be uncomfortable in here?
      An EVP answers, “Yes.”  Shortly after, another EVP was recorded that sounded like the word “passing.”
4.   At 1:14:32, another voice is recorded but is unintelligible.
5.   At 1:0:33, investigator asks for a knocking noise and one is given in response.
6.   At 2:07:35, a female laugh was recorded.
7.   At 2:46:46, investigator asks, “Do you like it when she (Caterina) sells her paintings?” An EVP answers, “No.”
8.   At 3: 25:55, another EVP says ‘bless you.”
9.   At.4:02:3, EVP sounds like, “Knock me out.”
10. At 4:19:40, an EVP says “Me too.”
11. Knock and a voice
12. Noises and voices
EVP Nos. 1-15 Numerous clicks, thuds, knocks, crumpling of paper sounds, and sliding sounds come from the room, all when no one is in the room or sometimes when no one was in the house at all.
14. Various noises.  (A theory being developed by one of our investigators, Daniel Barnett is that often knocks and click noises precede an EVP.  In this case it happened more than once. Daniel theorizes that the sound wave generated by the click or knock noise gives the entity’s voice a wave to ride, much like a surfer would ride an ocean wave).

Electromagnetic Field Fluctuations:
Several EMF, K-Il and Tri-field meters were used during the investigation. These meters measure fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. The theory being that spirit entities are made of energy, and they would affect these instruments. When the primary walkthrough of the house was done by Vishi Garig in November she found high levels of EMF in the following areas: near the X10 light control system base, the wall in the dining behind which is the A/C unit pump, very high EMF in the kitchen (the wall between the garage door and bedroom door), in the master bedroom by the portable Hepa Filter, in the master bathroom, the wall above the master bathroom sink, the aquarium which is on the other side of wall with the sink, the hallway near the other bathroom. Her K-II meter measured from 2.5 mill Gauss (mG) yellow light to 20+ mG, red light.  Surprisingly the massive bank of computer equipment was all within normal range as was the TV and its components.  The night of the investigation Wanda Thackrah completed an EMF sweep and found the following all in mill Gauss:
At the computers .2 .3, .4, .6
Art studio Hallway .6, .5, 1.0
At door of studio .1
Center of art studio: .1, drafting table.1, wall .1
Closet in art studio .4, .3 deep in closet .4
Kitchen 1.2
Bedroom 1.1  

Video evidence:
Four infrared zero lux cameras were used in this investigation. They were placed in the living room, computer room, the art room and the master bedroom. No anomalies were recorded.  

The TV Phenomena:
As reported by the Client and witnessed by CAPE investigator, Vishi Garig, the TV turns on to the twilight state when there has been no use of the remote nor has the TV been touched. The TV is a new model Samsung flat screen DLP.  It has no external off/on buttons or controls on its face. It is hooked up to basic cable.  The TV turning on an off has yet to be explained. Experimentation with trying to turn it off/on from outside with the remote did not work.  Also checking it for the sleep mode showed that this function was not activated.  Nor has it been programmed to turn on when a certain TV show comes on as can be done with some satellite hookups.  The Lionti TV is on a cable service, not satellite.  Vishi has the same TV at home and has experimented. The only time she has been able to get the TV to go on to the “twilight” mode is when the receiver box is still on, the TV is still on and she had turned off the satellite box. The TV stays in twilight for a moment, the message on the screen says, “No Satellite signal’.  Vishi has witnessed this phenomena three times when she was visiting the clients’ home for the first time.  As she and the clients sat in the living room the TV turned on to the twilight state three different times.  The clients report that it does this when guests are over and not any other time.  Clients state that the TV did this before the X1O system was installed.  CAPE is not labeling the TV activity paranormal, just that it needs further research.

The X1O Experiment:
Vishi had the client try an experiment. The clients have installed a light control system (called X1O) in the home that allows them to remotely turn on lights.  For instance if they come home late and it’s dark in the house, they can turn on a light inside before coming in. The control unit is a box that plugs into a wall outlet in the dining room and sends out radio signals.  The experiment is designed to see whether or not the Xl 0 affects the electrical systems in the house.  It’s kind of like “The Clapper” but less hokey.

From the client:
“Mark turned the X10 system off for 5 days.  During that time, we were not home very much, but we didn’t notice the lights going on or off.  When Mark turned the X10 Unit back on, we didn’t have the lights going on or off either.  Then, while the X10 unit was unplugged, he said to me, “”Did you notice, the lights didn’t go on or off when the Xl 0 was shut down?””  Immediately after he said that, the lights went off in the kitchen and left him standing in the dark.”  The TV has not gone on by itself since you (CAPE) were here that night investigating.”  Result: Inconclusive as to the X-10 System.  However, when it’s on it sends out radio waves.  This might be affecting the TV but then, the TV did the twilight thing several times before the X10 was installed.  Even if the X10 is not affecting the lights it still is contributing to the high EMF fields in the home, which is not healthy.  

Personal Experiences:
These are observations made by the investigators; they are not evidence in themselves.  

·    Karolene and Christy heard a loud bang “that shook the house” while they were investigating. Curiously, the digitals recorders did not record the noise. However, we feel it may have been the garage door being opened.

·    Karolene and Christy also heard what sounded like footsteps in the attic or on the roof

·    Karolene C. is a validated sensitive. Her impressions were as follows:  “As for the guy that walks through the front door and through the wall in the art room, I still feel that is a residual haunt. The description fits that of a late 19th early 20th century Florida “cracker”.  It is just my take on things, but I feel there were probably a line shack, barn, cow lot and outhouse in the area where those houses now sit. They wouldn’t appear in any records, because they wouldn’t have been considered a homestead, just out buildings for the main homestead. The described actions of the apparition are consistent with someone entering the barn to feed the livestock and because that probably wasn’t done on a schedule it would explain why there appears to be no pattern to the incidents.  Since it was common practice to place the outhouse close or next to the barn, the apparition walking through the art room wall, sounds like someone walking into an outhouse. I don’t know if you have had the occasion to use an outhouse, but trust me, you always stop and look around carefully before commencing your business!  As for the loud bang that Christy and I heard, there could be any number of natural explanations for that.  It also, could be a residual because it did sound like a bale of hay being dropped out of a hayloft.  I did have a couple of occasions where I thought I saw a shadow move, but nothing definitive.  In fact, the one in the master bedroom, that seem to dart from the dog bed under the bed, could well have been a mouse or pack rat.  It was small and very fast, just like a rodent.  I know both Christy and I had some really strong, uncomfortable feelings in and around the house, especially in the master bedroom, but I am not sure that a lot of that wasn’t caused by the intense emotions that are present because of the situation with the husband’s health. Those would be intensified by the strong EMF all through that house. I got a really overwhelming vibe of sadness and grieving from poor Bella (the dog). She made me want to almost cry.  Christy Ramsey echoed the same sentiment about the master bedroom and the high electrical fields.

·   When setting up the camera in the master bedroom, Karolene laid the cable down on the floor at the foot of the tripod and about a foot or two away from the end of the bed.  Team members were busy walking in and out of the house at this time setting up. Karolene left the room just briefly.  Upon her return the cable was found knotted up and completely under the bed.  It was past and over a pair of sandals and about 1½ feet under the bed.  No one else had gone into the bedroom while Karolene was gone. She is sure she did not kick it under the bed.  See the photographs taken that document the final position of the cable. Other team members are sure they did not do it either.

·    Upon Karoline’s arrival at the home she had the following immediate impressions:
“Now, as for that weird experience I had standing in the front yard, it did sound like ‘voices on the wind’, but because of the strength of the wind it’s possible they were natural sounds being carried from somewhere else.  To be sure, further investigation in different kinds of weather would have to be done. I also had some really strong feelings in both the front yard and the street, but it was impossible to discern where they were generating from.  It is possible, what I was picking up was caused by the emotional situations in those houses creating a kind of “eddy” in that area.  Only further investigation would help sort out the normal from the possible paranormal. You have to remember; strong emotional vibes come across pretty much the same as paranormal ones do, at least for me.”

·    Vishi and the TV remotes:
On the night of the investigation and immediately before the clients left for the evening, Vishi watched Mark turn off the TV. Subsequent questioning of the client reveals that Caterina went back in the house to get something, and the TV was back on after Mark turned it off.  Caterina turned the TV and cable box off and put all the remotes in the remote cradle.  Upon entering the house to begin the investigation, Karolene and Christy found the TV on in the “twilight” state.  The screen was dimly lit.  The cable box and stereo, all of which are plugged into the same wall outlet were not on.  They did not touch the TV or the remotes. When Vishi and Wanda went in to investigate later they saw the TV on in the twilight state.  Vishi went to turn the TV off and found ALL the remotes laying face down on the end table, neatly arranged in rows.  At 23:13 (11:13 pm) she picked up the TV remote and turned the TV off.  At this time, an EVP of a female laugh was recorded.

·   Upon checking with the client later, they recall that before they left the house, they had put the TV remote into the remote basket with all the other remotes.  No one else on the team touched the remotes at any time during the investigation except Vishi to turn off the TV.  A photograph taken by Vishi Garig at 9:34 pm shows all the remotes except one in its basket.  The TV did not turn back on again during the investigation.


The home appears to be possibly occupied by at least one intelligent human spirit. They are labeled intelligent because they interact with their environment and people. Why an entity may be present is unknown at this time. It may be attached to the land, not the house. It may be that the energy environment of the house and the neighborhood is hospitable to the spirit.  While it is significant, the EVP evidence alone does not prove an intelligent haunting. The conditions under which the EVP were captured in this case were not ideal, i.e. the loud rain and howling wind, the possibility of voices being carried on the wind, etc. Correlation with other evidence is needed other than just EVP to conclusively label a home haunted.  There also appears to be residual activity at the home. When conditions are right the “recorder” plays the images or noises. The apparition of the man and the afternoon” honey I’m home” phenomena appear to be residual. They are not intelligent and do not interact.  They are just images, sounds or events playing over and over again.  

On living with the paranormal:
It appears that the phenomena in the home is of human origin and does not appear harmful. CAPE is aware the Client does not find the presence of this phenomenon in any way comforting.  Therefore, CAPE can arrange for a blessing or cleansing of the home if the client so desires.  This may help the Client feel more comfortable in her home.  CAPE also encourages the client to feel empowered and “take control” of her home. The next time phenomena occurs tell “it” that this is your home and they” have to keep quiet, stop what they are doing or they can leave. “It may feel silly talking to something you can’t see but it’s important to mean it when you say it.  CAPE truly appreciates the opportunity to investigate the home. We also really enjoyed the delicious snacks Caterina left for us. Thank you.  

Detailed Log of the Art Studio Recording
Lionti Art Room EVP Recorded 1/16/2010 by Vishi’s Digital Recorder
(Not to be confused with recording made by client on a different day)
My recorder was turned on and left in the art studio while we were setting up and until the end of the investigation. Times are minutes and seconds into recording.  

About 10 minutes into recording Karolene announces she is putting a recorder into kitchen. This was about 9:32 pm.
11 minutes 52 seconds K. puts a recorder into dining room
16:43 K and Christy are getting ice out of the fridge
17:24 a male voice, close to the art room recorder says “who the heck?
   House is empty for a while, letting it “soak”
21:42  paper crumpling noise
24:32  click noise
29:54  faint thud noise
32:59  you can hear folks outside debunking the face in the door glass
38:34  movement noises
39:17  thud or thunk noise, drag noise enhanced its an EVP saying “hello., hey”
39:48  small knock noises
39:56  a voice?
51:59: voices
52:54  rustling noises
53:26  K & C walk through going on
57:58  small thud
58:34  knock
1:14:32 EVP- unintelligible voice
1:15:30 K says she hears a low rumble like “grrr”
1:21:53 knock noise
1:22:07 click-click noise  

K and C are in the art room
1:37 K asks does she have a reason to be uncomfortable in here? “Yes”
Kristi says she hears a tiny chain rattling noise, like a dog collar would make not recorded.
1:50:33 K asks for a knock in response and one is given.
15: 26 they leave the art room  

Vishi and Wanda come in
2:07  the TV is on, V turns it off, EVP of laughing recorded.
        We go to art room, discuss how it’s cold in there.
2:42  hear a knock from Marks room but don’t go to it. We wait.
2:46:47 Wanda asks do you like her selling her paintings. EVP “NO!”
        We leave after awhile.
2:51:37 restroom by art room used.
3:01  movement noise in room.
3:13  investigators announce they are back, its K & C
3:14  click noise
3:25:57 knock noise close to recorder followed by EVP “bless you”
3:36  Christy checks out art room, notes ice maker is a noise maker  

Investigators are in another room, art room empty.
3:43  thud noise
3:46  voices?
3:46:34 thud
3:47:  knock
3:49:49 whisper
3:55:28 click noise
4:02:31 EVP “please knock me out”
4: 02:35 knock movement noise
4:07:12  knock, louder
4:19:43  knock
4:20  EVP “Me too”
4:23:52  thud
4:28:50  click noise
4:30:32  click noise
1:55am  Karolene ends recording, turns off digital.

Vishi brought her team to the home twice to investigate.  This is her personal evaluation of Caterina’s house and experiences:

Caterina’s Haunted House
By Vishi R. Garig, Director of North East Florida CAPE Paranormal Investigations
Catch Any Paranormal Event at www.weseeghosts.com 

When we first found Caterina, it was Dustin Pari of Ghost Hunters (SYFY Channel Original Series) that referred her to our team.  I’d known Dustin awhile though paranormal circles and was flattered that he had referred someone in need to our team.  Caterina’s house was filled with energy, readily apparent on our first visit. I mean good energy, her personality spilled over into everything. Her husband and roommate, Roger and Mark respectively, were a bit skeptical to say the least, especially Mark.  He has that analytical mind that comes with the Navy, the same kind of mind my Navy husband has. He looked at us as if we were nuts.

Caterina‘s story rang true about what was going on in her home, but she was scared of what in her home and therein was the problem. But, not so scared as to be overwhelmingly curious about it.  Our team goal is to help people whose homes or businesses are having paranormal activity.  Clients usually fall into two categories: “prove to me I’m not nuts and explain what's going on” or “get rid of it, its scaring me and I’m sure it’s evil…” Caterina’s case turned out to be a blend of the curious but also of the fear.

Once we did our investigation and did the reveal for her, showing her proof of life after death or that souls continue on, or that we have other dimensions to our worlds: whatever your belief system is, created a quandary for her.  Her religion had taught her that after our body dies the soul goes to heaven or hell, no hanging around.  Caterina is a person with a high I.Q., she’s well educated, she is creative, yet this proof of the survival of the soul created quite a dilemma for her. She had to rethink her whole way of seeing the world.  I think it opened her mind to the great possibilities out there and alerted her to how little we know about the big picture. 

Through my work I often see Christians who have this similar problem as Caterina did.  Personally, and on a spiritual level, I’ve never doubted that the soul or consciousness survives bodily death and my paranormal work only serves to confirm this. I’m a “cradle Catholic,” and I find proof of these phenomena in the resurrection of Christ. He died, rose from the dead and made several appearances to his apostles AFTER he was dead…just like human spirits do.  He was the FIRST example of what is in store for us after death.  

The spirits in Caterina’s home are without a doubt human and harmless, though occasionally trouble makers.  Rogers’s happy-go-lucky-self seems to take it all in stride.  It took awhile for Mark to come around to accepting them.  It s hard to accept ghosts as real when you have to keep up a security clearance! 

I think the spirits in her house have found a safe place to stay, where they are wanted.  I think that at least one of them is her deceased brother.  Others may be previous land owners, as neighbors in her area experience similar haunting. We call this a cluster, but spirits are like roaches, where there is one, there is usually more.  They are also attracted to high energy people.  Caterina's house is a magnet for these earthbound spirits.  I have never experienced a home like hers, where we can consistently anytime, catch Class A EVP.  And intelligent answers at that!  I feel like our team reached our goal in this case.   We helped someone overcome their fear, got them some answers as to what was going on in their home and gave them a new outlook on life.

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