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Some Interesting EVPs (We have hundreds)

Laughter captured during total silence in the house.  Laughter_in_Silence.mp3

"I'm staying here with her!" One of the cowboys makes a commitment. I'm Staying Here With Her

"God, she's hot!"  These cowboys especially like visits from good-looking investigators. god_she's_hot

"Give it some water."  We told our dog Bella, she couldn't have any of the snacks I made for my guests. I guess the cowboys felt sorry for Bella and wanted her to have something if she couldn't have cookies, crackers, and cheese. Give it some water

"We hear it."  One of my guests was late and walking up our wooden ramp with her wooden cane. They monitor who is nearing the house and entering our abode. They also do a head count and tell each other how many people are on the property. We Hear It

"Oh, god!" This was the female spirit exclaiming between breaks in my conversation where I was explaining what happens in the house. I guess she is tired of hearing the same old stories. oh god

"FIRE!"  This was yelled by a man with a deep southern accent.  Prior to this outburst, I asked what happens to wake us up every morning at 3:00 a.m.? Fire

"Don't bring that up."  The spirits were asked if this was a farm when they lived on the land.  They didn't want to talk about it.  It didn't sound like they were having a good time.  Don't bring that up.

This is the video from the first investigation by C.A.P.E. Paranormal.  You must have VLC Media player and you can download it here VLC Media PlayerPlay the CAPE Paranormal Video.


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